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"Life is full of surprises and meeting Christelle has been the best unexpected gift." ~ Sophie Simoncini, Retail Manager

Supporting you in living and performing at your best.

"Much is happening under the surface that we're not aware of. We must go deeper to understand the undercurrents that drive our actions so we can give ourselves the means to unfold our true potential.~ Christelle Brouck

Welcome! I'm Christelle. I'm glad you found me.

I'm here to support you in getting what you really want in life. Whether that's becoming greater at what you do, more connected in your relationships, more empowered and fulfilled at work and at home — or [fill in the blank] — I'll help you do that.

But first, let's get real.

I believe that just like using make-up won't make us really beautiful, working at surface levels won't make us really fulfilled. And yet, that's what we do in our lives. We treat symptoms instead of healing causes, and we learn new productivity tricks instead of developing real human skills. Make-up is a great quick-fix. It'll get you through the day. But it also requires constant effort. How about restoring your natural shine instead? Let's go deeper and reveal your true potential.

"Our job in life is to be happy. Not as opposed to "unhappy", but as opposed to "unreally happy." 

~ James Flaherty.

Go deeper to go further.

To go deeper is to move beyond the tip of the iceberg to reconnect to what's true for us in the now. To go deeper is to slow down our thinking process so we may access new layers of understanding, meaning, and wisdom that empowers us to get unstuck. To go deeper is to recognize and disentangle the knots that are hiding under the surface of our skin so we can reach more impactful and lasting results in our lives. Are you ready to go deeper and find the keys to creating a richer, fuller, more meaningful life for you and your loved ones?

An integrative approach

When you work with me, I'll help you push the boundaries of your awareness and tap into your deeper resources. My personalized approach engages all centers of You — head, heart, body, and more — for you to address your situation in a wholler more sustainable way. This allows you to release your chains, open new possibilities for your life, and see yourself more deeply transformed. Put it simply, we'll focus on developing yourself as a person, because when you grow, more becomes possible to you,  including the realization of your greatest ambitions.

I offer two services that may seem different but that support you in complementary ways. Read their descriptions and choose what you feel most drawn to or combine both to fast-track your journey. I'll meet you where you are.

A new you. Today.

Book your first session with me and remember to bring along a genuine sense of  curiosity  for learning more about yourself and a willingness to trust the process. It will transform your life and set you free.


"We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are." ~ Anais Nin


Find clarity in your life.

Whether you're facing a personal or professional challenge, finding it difficult to achieve something, or trying to make sense of things in your life, coaching will empower you in ways you don't yet expect.


To me, coaching is first and foremost a safe and confidential space. A space where you can be fully you, without judgment from me, and be met and supported in what you're up to in your life. Not only that, coaching is also a type of conversation that encourages you to get really curious about yourself and bounce ideas, see blind spots and new perspectives, and find more effective ways to navigate your life, however complex it is.

Concretely, when you come with a topic, I listen deeper and help direct our attention  to what's really holding you back. Often times, these are learned beliefs and behaviors that might have been true for you in the past but that are no longer working for you for they're now restricting your access to innate resources like wisdom and creativity.

Having identified that deeper focus, we'll set on a coaching journey together where I'll help you develop yourself and acquire the skillful means to reach your goals. At the end of this journey, you'll get much more than an answer to your issue. You'll integrate new ways of seeing, thinking, feeling

and being in your life that support you in taking confident action while nurturing meaningful relationships, effortlessly and with no 'back payments' on your future life.


My style of coaching is pragmatic,  presence-based  — which means that I'll get you to slow down — and informed by adult development theories and psychology. It's also particularly experiential (expect much imagery and somatic work as we engage your right brain and body in this journey), and if you trust and commit to the process, the results will be with you all your life. 

With me as your coach, you will:

● Increase your awareness and understanding of yourself;

● Cultivate easier access to inner clarity and wisdom;

● Develop the ability to move out of unproductive reactive states and shift into more conscious & powerful action;

● Learn a skillful way to befriend your inner critic;

● Build supportive relationships with yourself, others & Life;

● Integrate new habits and ways of being that support and empower you to create your desired outcomes.

Rate: 60 min USD 180

Reduced rates for engagements of 6-12 months.

Request a  complimentary 45-min exploratory call  for us to explore your needs and for me to answer your questions.

"Christelle coached me during a challenging transition when I felt vulnerable, insecure and doubtful. I felt at ease with her very quickly and I felt safe — ready to explore my challenge with a renewed curiosity."

~ Rudi Doku, Leadership Facilitator & Executive Coach.

"Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are." ~ Chinese Proverb

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle-touch approach evolved from Cranial Osteopathy that works with the Craniosacral System to heal our stress and trauma.

Why work with the Craniosacral System? It's all linked.

Our human body is a fantastically complex, dynamic and efficient system that has the capacity to both produce and maintain perfect health and balance. Our lifestyle habits, not so much. When we experience traumatic stress in our childhood or daily lives, our body's first reaction is to tense up. This is a normal reflex and our Central Nervous System's way of ensuring our survival by preparing us for fight, flight or freeze. However, if not released, this tension accumulates and locks into our body where it can, over time, create restrictions in the soft tissues and fluid (CST) that surround and maintain our Central Nervous System's health. Since our Central Nervous System (composed of our brain and spinal cord) is our center of command for all functions in our mind and body including our thoughts, biology, and behaviors, any restrictions to its well functioning ultimately affect our physical and psycho-emotional balance (e.g. stress, anxiety, habitual behaviors, fatigue, depression, pain, disease,...) therefore making our moving forward in life more difficult than necessary.

How does a session work? 

With you lying fully clothed on the treatment table, I tune in to your Craniosacral System using a light touch of 5 grams. Depending on your need, I work with your system in either full or nondual presence and help it access a state we call dynamic stillness where your deep restrictions & stress patterns can free up and where your body's internal

resources and capacity to self-heal is restored. It's common for clients to experience physical sensations like tingling and twitching, or emotions like sadness and anger during their session. Many will also get felt-senses, vivid images, and insights once their system accesses more restorative states. Each session is different and will meet your exact needs. Ultimately, everyone leaves feeling lighter and more whole, and you'd be surprised what profound transformation can ensue from there.

Watch this video summary:








This will help with:

Physical: stress, injuries & pain, headaches, shoulders, neck, back, throat, joints, fatigue, high blood pressure, overweight, digestive problems, fertility,...

Emotional & mental: fear, anxiety, general reactivity, self-doubt, mental fog, overthinking, focus, ADHD, stress, mood swings, past trauma, grief, insomnia, over-eating,...

● Ailments that western medicine fails to resolve.

● Evolution of Consciousness.

Rate: 60-90 min USD 110-140 (incl. 40-70 min on the table)

I recommend regular visits to maintain full health.

*** Remember to give advance notice. No-shows and sessions canceled or rescheduled less than 24 hours in advance may be considered due. ***

** If you want to see me but can't afford my fees because you're in financial need, let me know so we can find a solution that works for us. **

* Ask for my spiritual modalities options *

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or  even touched, they  must be felt with the heart." 

~ Hellen Keller.

What Clients Say

Rudi Doku, Leadership Facilitator & Executive Coach

On Coaching:

"Few coaches are able to skilfully attune to their clients' needs with ease and care.. Christelle belongs to this elite group.‍‍‍ [...] What I most appreciate about her is her stillness,, authenticity,, ability to keep things simple while working through deep issues with skill! Count yourself blessed to be coached by her."

Marianne Freeman, Chiropractic Student

On CranioSacral Therapy:

"I've always known that I had major stresses locked within the muscles of my body [...] During the very first session,, I was incredibly moved and astounded as Christelle helped me deal with the loss of my parents and grandmother. I had a huge emotional release and could feel everything in me attain a sense of lightness and relaxation [...]"


S.M., Naturopath

On CranioSacral Therapy:

"After just one session with her,, I had a 90% improvement in my digestive concerns! Thanks a lot for your healing!"


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