What would it be like to have more ease in your life? Let's make that happen.


Christelle believes that personal growth is paramount in creating our best, most fulfilling life. She's on a mission to unbridle you from all the things that are holding you back so you can turn up your power to create great things.

As someone who's worked for 10 years in the often stressful financial industry and who's left the security of a stable and high-value job to create her own definition of "success", she knows the courage and vulnerability that it takes to achieve something important while being authentic.

What she also quickly understood is that whether you want to become greater at your craft, venture out into new territory, or disentangle your life, it all starts with evolving You.


Christelle's first career was as a corporate. An MBA graduate, she worked for multinational and start-up companies in diverse roles as a business journalist, financial markets specialist, marketing/corporate culture lead, consultant, and regional change manager. A fast logical mind and a challenge-seeker, she found immense stimulation and inspiration in helping teams shape new ways of working and organizations elevate their performance. The first word she ever spoke was "efficiency" ;-)

However, ten years into her career, and after landing her dream job, she felt out of tune. Having achieved society's definition of success — money, status, and a high-end lifestyle — she should have felt whole instead of feeling "a hole". She realized that she didn't care about being externally defined and that all she wanted was to make a real impact on people's lives. 


Her wake-up call! It became clear that her deeper sense of fulfillment and contribution would come from venturing off the beaten tracks of conventional success to create her own rules. That's how her bigger adventure began.


Christelle's passion for people's behaviors and decision-making began during her student years and became a real fascination in 2013 when she started reading about behavioral sciences. Although her aim was originally to improve the way she was working with people, that eventually led her to explore the inner workings of her own mind, behaviors, and gifts. 


She explored mind-body-spirit disciplines like coaching, neuroscience, adult psychology, regression therapy, bodywork, and the healing arts, which together gave her the keys to radically transform herself and change her life... from the inside-out.

In 2016, recognizing that her time had come, Christelle made the big leap: she left the security of her job and traveled the globe solo for two years. Back from her travels, she launched into the biggest project of her life: creating her authentic life; one where she uses her experience, skills, and gifts to empower individuals like you on their own journey of growth and evolution.


Christelle's private practice focuses on transmitting the Freedom to be, feel, act, and realize to the people who are doing the courageous work of aligning themselves to their higher potential and Purpose. For that, she engages all layers of You — mental, emotional, somatic, and spiritual — to help you achieve the transformation that's necessary for your life now.


She knows that you'll benefit from working with her, and she hopes that you'll seize this chance to unfold to your full size and create a life that you'll be proud of living!


Organizational Management:

- Masters of International Management (ESG, 2005)

- MBA (Paris Graduate School of Management, 2005)


- Integral Coaching (New Ventures West, 2018-2019)
- Four-Depth Coaching (Aletheia, 2019-2020)

- Embodied and Trauma-Informed Transformation (Strozzi Institute/Coaches Rising, 2020)

Complementary Therapies:

- Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy (Dr Leonid Soboleff, 2016)

- Stillness Touch/Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy (Gorgia Milne, 2020)

Meet Christelle

Integral Coach, Craniosacral Therapist, Spiritual Practitioner