Meet Christelle


I'm passionate about helping you get you in touch with yourself so you can find the courage to live your best life.


I believe that Life is a journey of meeting our-Self and that through our relationships and situations, we're invited into the awareness and surrendering of our deep wounds, and into the remembering of our wholeness and power to create. 


I love to work with individuals who want to walk this journey more consciously. I help them shift to a reality where their personal power is restored and their life abounds with real passion and aliveness.


I'm a certified Coach and a practitioner of Craniosacral, a gentle-touch approach that uses our central nervous system to facilitate profound healing. I choose to combine these two powerful spaces to most deeply support you in transforming your life from the inside out because I know that in order to create real sustainable change in our lives we need to engage more than our heads, we need to engage the totality of us.

My corporate career spanned ten years during which I wore the hats of a Journalist, Financial Market Specialist, Marketing/Culture/IT Consultant, and Change Manager. I was successful, but I wasn't fulfilled. I wasn't making a difference in people's lives and I woke up one day knowing that this was about to change.

In 2016, I made a decision that changed my life. I left everything that I had — the comfortable job, income, apartment, and personal belongings — to travel the

globe solo for (what turned out to be) two whole years! These travels taught me important lessons. On the real inner and outer power of men and women in all corners of the world, on the importance of slowing down to better hear the whispers of our soul and receive the answers to our lives, and on helping, giving and receiving from the heart. In essence, these travels were also the symbol of my commitment to exploring and finding myself — reconnecting all pieces of me — while I was getting ready to transition into a life of Purpose.

This is where you're meeting me. Back from my travels, I deepened into my passion: understanding people's behaviors and decision-making and leveraging it to make a positive impact in the world. I took two advanced coaching trainings (Integral Coaching with New Ventures West, and 4-Depths Coaching with Aletheia) and, with my then 4-year experience in giving Craniosacral sessions, I started my private practice to support my clients in all areas of their lives with what matters most to them. Seamlessly blending two of my specialties — healing work and conscious conversations — to empower their health, wellbeing, relationships, and projects, and help them work through any issues they may face on their way to achieving their goals and dreams. 


I love this work for the power that it has to transform lives. My biggest satisfaction is in seeing the look on my clients' glowing faces when something in them frees up and their whole life transforms as a result. I feel grateful for and humbled by the chance to witness and share this with my clients who have the courage and willpower to make their best life happen.

I was born in France where I grew up, and I'm currently based in Singapore with my husband Sylvain. When I'm not supporting my clients, you'll find me either learning something new or trying to solve the mystery of how to grow plants. (Write to me if you're a plant expert!) I also love to travel and dance Argentine tango.


Each fear is like a present box. We may be scared to open it, and as long as we don't, we won't know what's inside. But when we do open the box, we'll realize that a great treasure had been hiding inside all along. May it be a strength, a special talent or a skill that we hadn't suspected we had, healing means reintegrating these gifts into our deepest core so we may shine our brightest light to the world. I wish you a healing journey. ~ Christelle