Find courage amidst turbulence and complexity.

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate." ~ Carl Jung

Are you:

  • Feeling dismayed or stale in your life or at work;

  • Facing a challenge like a major life event or a career transition;

  • Finding it difficult to achieve something;

  • Trying to make sense of things in your life?

Do you want to:

  • Breathe life back into yourself?

  • Gain clarity and build confidence;

  • Become more skillful in navigating complexity;

  • Bring more flow and inspiration into your life;

Coaching will empower and transform you in ways you don't expect.

What is coaching?

Coaching is first and foremost a safe, non-judgmental, and confidential space where you can be fully you, be met as you are with your strengths and quirks, and be supported in what you're up to in your life.

Coaching is also a process of developing your potential for achieving your goals more effectively and living a more fulfilling life. We do that by first getting curious about your current thinking process, mindset, emotions, desires, protective habits, and difficulties so you can understand what supports you and what doesn't. And then, we explore new skillful ways for you to show up, take action, and navigate your challenges however complex they may be.

Every challenge is an opportunity for growth. As your coach, I make sure you slow down enough to notice your opportunities. By being open, curious, and willing to explore your difficulties and discomfort with me, you'll benefit in ways that go beyond the simple resolution of your issue. You'll grow and discover new ways of being and relating that support you in taking confident action while nurturing meaningful relationships, and *that* will transform your life.

What's the structure?

I offer both a guiding structure and in-the-moment fluidity to our coaching. My intention is for you to see tangible results in your life and for us to support you with what's most important for you in the moment.

I generally gear our sessions/program towards four central pilars:

  1. Identifying your current challenge and objectives for growth.

  2. Investigating the deeper blocks (often, these are learned beliefs and behaviors that might have been true for you in the past but are no longer working).

  3. Finding new skillful ways to navigate your challenge.

  4. Taking action to create desired outcomes.

Our feeling unsure or stuck simply means that there are better ways to achieve what we want. Whenever my clients reach these ah-Ha moments, their minds clear up and their fears relax, and something in them gets freed up so that action becomes evident and fluid. That fluidity and lightness, for me, are the hallmarks of successful coaching.

What's the duration?


I work with clients over the course of 6-12 months. We meet weekly for the first month, then once every two weeks.


There's a natural biologic factor inherent to us, living beings, called "Time" that I can't compress (yet). Time is an essential factor of growth and we leverage it by giving you self-reflection and somatic practices for you to engage in between sessions so you can unfold, deepen, and integrate your learnings into your daily life.

Who is this for?

My clients are individuals who are ready and able to invest in themselves and who are willing to meet their fears and push their comfortable boundaries. Although I aspire to hold you gently (but firmly), the journey will be uncomfortable at times. Discomfort helps us grow, and if you trust and commit to the process, the results will be with you all your life.

What's my style?

My flavour of coaching is pragmatic,  presence-based (which means that I'll get you to slow down before and during each session), trauma-sensitive, and informed by human development theories/psychology. It's also experiential, so expect imagery and somatic work as we take your right brain and body with us on this transformative journey.

In my toolbox: integral coaching, ontological coaching, adult development, neuroscience of change, embodied/somatic coaching, enneagram, parts work, process work, trauma work, presence work, nondual work.

With me as your coach, you will:

● Write the next chapter of your life and achieve your desired outcomes;

● Open inspiring new directions in your life aligned to your Purpose;

● Increase your awareness and knowledge of yourself;

● Cultivate and hone your inner-knowing/intuition as a source of guidance, wisdom, and leadership;

● Learn an effective way to befriend and transform your inner-critic (self-doubt, hiding, shame, etc.);
● Develop the ability to move out of unproductive reactive states and shift into conscious powerful action;

● Let go of toxic behaviors, fears, and addictions;

● Find acceptance and peace after a loss;

● Build supportive relationships with yourself, others & Life;

● Integrate new habits and ways of being that support, nourish, and empower you.

Rate: 60 min USD 180 | Engagements of 6-12 months.

Request a  free 40-min discovery call  for us to explore your needs and for me to answer your questions.

"Few coaches are able to skilfully attune to their clients' needs with ease and care. Christelle belongs to this elite group. She coached me during a challenging transition when I felt vulnerable, insecure and doubtful. I felt at ease with her very quickly and I felt safe — ready to explore my challenge with a renewed curiosity.

Christelle is very attentive, intuitive and doesn't miss a thing; she's helped me rediscover self-trust and I now feel more optimistic about this crossroads I find myself in. What I most appreciate about Christelle is her stillness, authenticity, ability to keep things simple while working through deep issues with skill! Count yourself blessed to be coached by her." ~ Rudi Doku, Leadership Facilitator & Executive Coach |