"[Coaching] showed me a reality that I’ve never explored fully before because I was systematically stuck into back up plans in case of failure."

Keeps things simple.

Few coaches are able to skilfully attune to their clients' needs with ease and care. Christelle belongs to this elite group. She coached me during a challenging transition when I felt vulnerable, insecure and doubtful. I felt at ease with her very quickly and I felt safe — ready to explore my challenge with a renewed curiosity.

Christelle is very attentive, intuitive and doesn't miss a thing; she's helped me rediscover self-trust and I now feel more optimistic about this crossroads I find myself in. What I most appreciate about Christelle is her stillness, authenticity, ability to keep things simple while working through deep issues with skill! Count yourself blessed to be coached by her.


Rudi Doku (2019)

Leadership Facilitator and Executive Coach 


Delve deeper into the root.

(30-min coaching) “My coaching session with Christelle helped me see and delve deeper into the root of my issue. I really liked how she made me feel comfortable to open up, the safe space that she created. Her warmth and soothing demeanor made me feel like she was genuinely interested to help me and that she has got me. I also liked how Christelle made me do the work. This made me realize what and where the real issue is and came from. She was warm and very engaging. Just wished I had more time with her!”


Joanna Fong (2019)

Marketing director

Being honest with myself.

(30-min coaching) “Thanks for the clarity and for allowing me to be honest with myself. The experience was insightful, flowing and calming. I particularly appreciated the support and willingness to provide resources for long-term support.”


Darcy Mitchell (2019)

Feel comfortable even in the most challenging moments.

“Having a session with Christelle has been a great support to me. As a coach myself, I am aware of the importance in our profession of constantly keeping up to date and going for coaching ourselves. Christelle is a warm person, and as a coach, she instantly creates an affectionate connection with her coachee, which is so important for him or her to stay open to the process. She helps you feel comfortable even in the most challenging moments that can arise in a coaching process. Active listening, one of the most important competencies for a coach, seems to be something natural for her, and that absolutely makes the difference.”


Sara Gallego (2020)

Human Resources Specialist and Coach


Felt lighter and more equipped.

“Christelle was welcoming from the start and radiated such warm and comforting energy. She helped me untangle a lot of the conflicting emotions I have been feeling. It really felt like a load was lifted off of me so I felt lighter and more equipped to take on tasks but also realized that it is okay to take time for myself to breathe and relax. Thank you, Christelle, for your patience and guidance.”


Kimberly Marie (2020)

Not paralyzed anymore by fears.

(Coaching + CST) “Life is full of surprises and meeting Christelle has been the best unexpected gift. She helped me identify, acknowledge and accept some childhood trauma. Always with the right words and questions, she unveiled a way for me to move on to my next journey. Layers after layers, Christelle has released emotional knots and tensions that had blocked me for years and impacted my life on too many aspects. Most importantly, she showed me a reality that I’ve never explored fully before because I was systematically stuck into back up plans in case of failure: what if everything goes well? She spread her relentless positivity and unlocked a few chains that I had carefully tightened over the years. Lastly, and I could never be grateful enough for this, I fully dare to take on the precious parenting adventure, we will walk the journey. Thanks to Christelle I do not feel paralyzed anymore by my fears and doubts. Thanks to her guidance I now feel calmer and emotionally free, I am fully aware that I still have a life for improvements and I am ready to take on the challenge. Thank you Christelle!”

Sophie Simoncini (2018)

Retail Manager