What Clients Say



Rudi Doku www.rudidoku.com

Leadership Facilitator and Executive Coach

Keeps things simple.

Few coaches are able to skilfully attune to their clients' needs with ease and care. Christelle belongs to this elite group.

She coached me during a challenging transition when I felt vulnerable, insecure and doubtful. I felt at ease with her very quickly and I felt safe — ready to explore my challenge with a renewed curiosity.

Christelle is very attentive, intuitive and doesn't miss a thing; she's helped me rediscover self-trust and I now feel more optimistic about this crossroads I find myself in.

What I most appreciate about Christelle is her stillness, authenticity, ability to keep things simple while working through deep issues with skill! Count yourself blessed to be coached by her.



(30 min session) My session with Christelle was informative, enlightening and engaging. The approach to the questions and looking more into the issues and needs were great and particularly supported me.

Darcy Mitchell

Being honest with myself.

(30 min session) Thanks for the clarity and for allowing me to be honest with myself. The experience was insightful, flowing and calming. I particularly appreciated the support and willingness to provide resources for long-term support.

Joanna Fong

Delve deeper into the root. 


(30 min session) My coaching session with Christelle helped me see and delve deeper into the root of my issue. I really liked how she made me feel comfortable to open up, the safe space that she created. Her warmth and soothing demeanor made me feel like she was genuinely interested to help me and that she has got me. I also liked how Christelle made me do the work. This made me realize what and where the real issue is and came from. She was warm and very engaging. Just wished I had more time with her!



Amy Hawthorne

Chiropractor www.samatasoul.com

Felt more at ease, whole & energised.

“Christelle is a powerful healer, I felt she was very in tune with my body and picked up on subtle areas that were blocked and emotions that I was not allowing to flow. Her gentle touch allowed those areas to open and the blockages to release. She gave it time, and allowed the blockages to come out organically with her guidance. Through her cranial work, I felt my spine and body lengthen and relax fully. My breath and spine felt expanded, light, and free! I left feeling much more at ease, open, more whole, and energised. Chr‍‍‍istelle would be great to help those who need a restart to their system and who are experiencing stress or anxiety, or anyone experiencing physical or emotional tension. So thankful to have met such a gifted healer!”




90% improvement in my digestive concerns!

“I saw Christelle for my IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) which was very overactive and impacting my daily functioning. The next morning after just one session with her, I had a 90% improvement in my digestive concerns! Thanks a lot for your healing!‍

Sophie Simoncini

Retail Manager

Not paralyzed anymore by fears.

(Deep Listening + CST) Life is full of surprises and meeting Christelle has been the best unexpected gift. She helped me identify, acknowledge and accept some childhood trauma. Always with the right words and questions, she unveiled a way for me to move on to my next journey. Layers after layers, Christelle has released emotional knots and tensions that had blocked me for years and impacted my life on too many aspects. Most importantly, she showed me a reality that I’ve never explored fully before because I was systematically stuck into back up plans in case of failure: what if everything goes well? She spread her relentless positivity and unlocked a few chains that I had carefully tightened over the years. Lastly, and I could never be grateful enough for this, I fully dare to take on the precious parenting adventure, we will walk the journey. Thanks to Christelle I do not feel paralyzed anymore by my fears and doubts. Thanks to her guidance I now feel calmer and emotionally free, I am fully aware that I still have a life for improvements and I am ready to take on the challenge. Thank you Christelle!

Juliette G.

Former Web Industry

Throat pain totally disappeared.

Mon expérience avec Christelle a été fabuleuse. Elle sait rentrer en contact avec la personne pour soigner au mieux et comprendre l'origine des maux. Je souffrais de douleurs dans ma gorge suite à des problèmes à ma thyroïde. Tout en douceur, elle a su accéder au plus profond pour soulager mes douleurs tout en restant subtile pour ne pas brusquer la guérison. En trois séances seulement mon mal de gorge constant ainsi que mes douleurs musculaires ont totalement disparu‍‍. J'en suis sortie remplie de bien-être et de réponses à mes maux les plus profonds grâce à son accompagnement bienveillant. Je recommande vivement les mains "magiques" de Christelle pour un soin hors du commun.

‍‍‍‍‍‍(ENGLISH) My experience with Christelle was fabulous. She knows how to connect with the client so as to best treat and identify the root cause of their condition. I was experiencing pain in my throat due to a thyroid condition. Very gently, she managed to reach my deepest core and release the pain while being subtle so as to not rush the healing. With just three sessions, my constant throat and muscle pain totally disappeared. I walked away with a deep feeling of well-being and the answers to my deepest pains thanks to her benevolent help. I highly recommend Christelle's 'magic' hands for an extraordinary treatment.


Found the source of my suffering.

My session with Christelle was very su‍‍‍rprising and life-changing! I was able to identify a core wound of mine that originated in another life, which was an incredible shift for me. I have spent years on healing/spiritual paths, but was never able to find the source of this particular suffering I carried with me. You can’t see the incredible power that she has for healing and transformation just by looking at her. That’s because her power is in her presence, which is capable of holding and communicating with unseen and subtle energies. She doesn’t box herself into modalities or techniques. Instead, she works in the moment with her intuition, and her authentic and open state holds the space for your healing process to unfold in the way that it needs to.

I left the session feeling lighter and more connected to my higher self. That feeling lasted the rest of the week, and the session continues to affect my life in many ways. I am so grateful! If you are thinking about seeing Christelle for a healing session, don't doubt, go now!

Michelle Lefevre

Yoga Teacher

Cleansed of encysted wounds...

J'ai vécu l'expérience hors norme d'un soin avec Christelle. 

Un double point de départ m'a conduite:

- J'étais intéressée en amont par toutes les approches qui mêlent esprit-corps: mémoires du corps, messages.. Bref, les interactions entre les deux. 

- J'ai été en outre rassurée par mes sources concernant le sérieux de Christelle.

C'est donc en totale confiance que je me suis remise entre ses mains, au propre comme au figuré.

Je ne raconterai pas ici ce que j'ai vécu, ressenti, évacué.... Chacun vit son expérience, je pense. Mais je dirai simplement qu'elle m'a nettoyée de blessures enkystées, de verrouillages tout au fond de moi, et qui affleuraient, s'exprimaient sous forme de peurs diverses depuis de longues années.

(ENGLISH) "I had an extraordinary treatment with Christelle. What led me to her was two things:

- I was interested in approaches that bridge the mind and body and focus on the interactions between them;

- I was reassured by my sources on the seriousness of Christelle.

So it was with total trust that I put myself in her hands, figuratively and literally speaking. I won't share here what I experienced, felt, and released... everyone has their own experience, I believe. But I'll simply say that she cleansed me of encysted wounds and deep-seated locks that had been coming out and expressing as various fears in my life over many years."

Sophie Brouck

Dance Artist

Changed my life on all levels.

"Christelle is very intuitive and her healing sessions can resemble nothing you would expect. The more you are open to it, the more you are ready to receive and the more the experience can be life-changing. As far as I'm concerned, the sessions literally changed my life on all physical, psychological and energetic levels. Here are 3 examples of the various things we healed:
- I had been heavily constipated my whole life. Not anymore. We healed it and it disappeared the very first day after the session. No joke.
- We broke a pattern I had been following in all my past romantic relationships. I am now in the healthiest and most loving relationship I've been in. Free of drama and fear.

- Last but not least, these sessions opened my heart and mind and unblocked many fears and doubts I had been living with. They reconnected me to my own intuition. All in all, I have been thrown into a totally new reality, full of peace and love :)  Thank you Christelle!‍"

Sunny Chyun

Artist Painter

I've come a long way.

Thank you Christelle for everything, I do feel I’ve come a long way :) since meeting you.“

Marianne Freeman 

Chiropractor Student

Huge emotional release. Touches your core.

I've always known that I had major stresses locked within the muscles of my body as I've been through some really challenging times in a short span of time, and I did not know how to release the emotional load I've been carrying around with me.

During the very first session, I was incredibly moved and astounded as Christelle helped me deal with the loss of my parents and grandmother. I had a huge emotional release and could feel everything in me attain a sense of lightness and relaxation. In the following session, I managed to release some of the limiting self-beliefs I held. For the first time in a long while, I felt happier and clearer, the knots and stiffness in my muscles also felt relaxed and at ease. 

I'm continuing my journey with Christelle guiding me every step of the way and I cannot express enough my gratitude to her for how much she's helped me through. I would highly recommend anyone to her if you're looking to come back to your authentic self and to experience healing in a way that touches you to your core.

Valarie Eramanis


Deep peace.

You have unearthed the deep down pains in my heart that I’ve had to suppress most of my life. The deep peace I felt with your loving hands on me were unexpected but most welcomed. I can’t thank you enough!!!!

Vivian Chng

Years of blocking, hiding and shielding.

Grateful I am, to have been introduced to Christelle. A genuine person with an amazing soul. The beginning is different for all - for me it was excitement and apprehension. I was well reassured as we conversed and brought through the flow of the session. Knowing that years of blocking, hiding and shielding myself from the world, I was genuinely surprised that Christelle has managed to guide me out of the steel armour I'd built. All these years, and it just took one session - It was that easy! I'm excited for more sessions with Christelle to continue the work. Thank you so much Christelle, you're an angel the Source sent into my life.

Sylvain Mahe

Agile and Life Transformation Coach

Pains I had been holding for years!

“I've had the privilege to work with Christelle for a couple of sessions. These were incredible experiences and I'm wondering where I should start. I guess the first thing I want to share is that you don't need to come with a specific issue, just come as you are, relaxed and knowing you're in - literally - good hands. Gently and with a warm caring presence, Christelle will allow things to unfold. What do I mean by that? By asking simple yet powerful questions and just placing her hands, Christelle provides a precious and sacred space where you get insights about what's blocking you. Just lie down, relax, and trust her acute sensitivity and compassion to do the rest. Once you pinpoint what needs to be resolved, she'll facilitate a process of healing and resolution. You own this process and it'll always be the right "depth" for you. Christelle meets you where you are and always finds a path that is exactly what you need, in the moment. She allowed me to let go of traumas, pains, and blockages I had been holding for years and I can't express how grateful I am that I met and trusted her. Whether you suffer from body pain or feel that something "is not right", she'll guide you and help you heal. Thank you Christelle.


Lost 8 kg!

“I had been trying to lose weight for many years with no success at all prior to seeing Christelle. To be honest, I'm one of those who felt nothing during the session. So it was a real surprise for me that within just 2 months of my session with her I had lost 8kg. And all this happened without me making any changes to my diet and lifestyle! Thank you so much Christelle for whatever you did that worked!" ‍‍‍


Symptoms couldn't be resolved by doctors.

For the past year, I had been suffering from a series of symptoms that could not be resolved by medical doctors. I had seen Gastroenterologists for digestive issues and even had a scope done which found no issues; Ear-Nose-Throat specialist for a persistent lump in my throat; Respiratory specialist for suspected asthma and many visits to the General Practitioners. I had various tests carried out and yet nothing was conclusive. I had lost weight and felt tired a lot of the time. I was physically, emotionally and mentally drained! I was fortunate in that someone recommended that I see Christelle. 

I lay down not knowing what to expect during my session. Then layers upon layers of clearing began! Past issues that had to be resolved were cleared very quickly, attachments I had picked up were gently let go of. I could see layers and layers of behavior and thought patterns slowly falling off. Wow, and I hadn't realized these patterns weren't really me! All this happened in two sessions.

During the third session, I finally felt like I was coming into my own! I feel better physically, emotionally and mentally. I am learning how to ground myself and check on my energy centers. I have learned so much in this process.

Thank you, Christelle, for the work that you do. Much appreciated!"

Boon Sym


Readjusted hips and lengthened leg.


“Although we were both more than 15,000km apart physically, during my session, I could sense Christelle scanning and identifying areas of the body that needed working on. While she was working on my gums, I could feel shots of energy and energy lines being reconnected. While she worked on my spine, my hips readjusted and my left leg stretched to lengthen. I could feel that she was working systematically on different layers. I felt stronger after the session.”

Diego Lanau

Professional Dancer

I feel calmer and more peaceful.

“My experience with Christelle was wonderful! Since the first session, I felt how my body was transforming and my heart opening. I felt that my trapped energies could flow harmoniously after that. With her help, I feel calmer and peaceful, I breathe and I'm not so anxious all the time. I enjoy more each moment!

In a different session, I received her healing massage too [note: this service is not currently offered] which is something extraordinary where you can feel that from the surface of the skin till the deepest core of your body, absolutely everything is scanned and alleviated in the most perfect way. Each movement of her hands was undoing years of muscular and emotional contractures. Without a doubt, she's the best for your soul.

Mariano Vázquez


Deep experience.

“Despite my doubts, when I met Christelle I immediately booked a session with her. She asked me what I wanted to heal or improve in my life, or what my intentions were. I didn't have a precise idea so I told her to work on what she would see. And it was like magic (I think it's the most exact word). She naturally went to the parts of my body that most needed healing. It was a deep experience even as we did one of the sessions by phone. Christelle released blockages from my sacrum, back, shoulders and neck that even massages and yoga couldn't. I thank her and life for putting her on my path.